Brave the shave


Youth Fundraising Event

Our Pastor has agreed to have his (precious) long hair cut to help raise funds for the youth.
  • The money will help us fund different activities and equipment throughout the year.
  • The hair will be donated to the "Little Princess Trust" along with 10% of all the money we raise.
  • Anyone can vote.
  • We aim to raise £500.
  • If we reach our goal, the most voted hairstyle will be the chosen one.
  • Otherwise, the Pastor will have the final say.
  • As a bonus, if we reach £1,000 the beard will go too.
  • The event will be streamed LIVE on our Facebook page at 6pm (UTC).

These are the options for the hairstyle:

Option A (42%)
Option B (14%)
Option C (29%)
Option D (15%)