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All people have the right to be treated with care and respect irrespective of their gender, disability, race, age, physical or mental infirmity/disorder, religious beliefs, background, etc.

Sunday School

We believe that children are precious to God. We strongly believe in teaching kids the values of Christianity in a format they can understand; in an environment of safety for the children and of peace of mind for their parents.

Lighthouse Youth

Our young people are growing up in a world where truth is being challenged at every turn. Lighthouse Youth ministry aims to tackle the tough questions posed in today's society and provide answers through truth found in God's Word. Mondays 6pm


We encourage families to worship together providing a safe environment where their needs can be met and their faith can be expressed and fully develop.

Spiritual Life

We believe in holy living and the expression of our faith. Spirituality and its expression is highly respected and encouraged to be practiced in all its plurality.


We emphasise the importance of individual and collective worship. Worship is directed to God's holiness and is expressed through prayer, music, singing, dance, etc.


We believe in discipleship and training as part of the Great Commission, therefore we provide teaching material and courses in a weekly basis on Bible, Ministry, Theology, Psychology, etc.


We believe prayer is the heart of the church, therefore we encourage personal prayer life style and also collective prayer through our services and prayer meetings.


We are active in fulfilling the mission of the church by sharing the love and the good news of Jesus Christ in our community and also sponsoring ministries abroad.

Let your mess become your message!


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Sunday School

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Sunday Service

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"After a week of work, it's a privilege to be able to go to a place where God is worshipped in truth and spirit and where the spiritual food is fresh and refreshing and the fellowship amazing!"
Joanna Naserian


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